Friday, February 5, 2021

5 Types of Photography You Can Conduct In Your Photo Studio



A photographic studio is a business that one or more photographers own. These photographers create and sell others' photographs. Photo Studio typically photographs within a controlled environment, indoors. These photo studios make use of lighting that is artificial and easily manipulated. People overcame several problems while trying to set up their photo studios. The biggest hurdle that they had to overcome was lighting. But, this happened long back. With the advancement of camera lenses, lighting, equipment, and other techniques, it became very easy for photographers to produce photographs in photo studios.

For the past 15 years, photography in photo studios and the setup has changed drastically. It is still developing and becoming more digital. The new studios are set up with modern lighting and technology.


Types of photography:


Along with the development of lighting and equipment, different photography types also evolved that can be conducted in photo studios. Some of the types of photography that you can conduct in your photo studio are:


  1. Portrait Photography: Portrait photography refers to capturing the personality of a person or a

    group of people. It uses good lighting, backdrops, and poses. Portraits are usually captured for weddings, special occasions, events at school, or other commercial purposes.
  2. Corporate Photography: Corporate photography is a type of photography that is done to use a company. Corporate photography is done for conferences and events, marketing and branding, and convention and trade shows.
  3. Family Photography: Photo Studios capture family photographs. Family photography is capturing photos of a group of people who are related. The family groups can be small or large. This photography is usually conducted when there are new members who join the family.
  4. Pre-Wedding Photography: In this type of photography, photographers usually tend to capture the couple's natural moments. Photographers are trying innovative ways that could make the wedding album more beautiful and exciting.
  5. Passport photography: Passport photography should be captured such that it shows your full face, front view with your eyes open. Before taking passport photo, you must decide where to take passport photos, under how many lighting conditions.


Photography styles in photo studios have evolved drastically over the past few years. Conducting photography in a photo studio is very inexpensive. One can take photographs in  Family portrait photography studio Singapore.

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